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    Try the All-New Moderation on Disqus

    Posted on December 21, 2011 by samjparker

    Today, we’re releasing a complete overhaul of the admin tools on Disqus. Moderation is now faster and more efficient and we’ve improved usability throughout the Disqus settings and tools. During the initial rollout, the new interface is an optional upgrade. Go try these out for yourself by logging into Disqus.com then click the “New Version” link in the upper right. 

    Many comments are great but some are not, and we know moderating comments isn’t your favorite part of building communities. So we put real effort into making moderation as easy as possible. Our moderation panel in the Disqus admin is built for sites that have lots of commenting activity, and this version makes it easier to read and act on many comments in a single pass. We also understand that many of you prefer moderating directly from the comment system itself.  We’re excited to revisit inline moderation in a future update.

    Key features: 

    1 - New workflow. In addition to showing more of the comment text in the central view, full-length comments are now highlighted in context in a new right-pane, eliminating the need to open a dialog or go to the original page in most instances. 

    2 - More responsive. Among numerous under-the-hood changes aimed at increasing real day-to-day performance, we now pre-fetch comments in the background so that new comments load in instantly when you click for more.

    3 - Inline user history. At-a-glance stats show how often commenters are flagged or moderated, as well as showing their recent comment history. This feature leverages the breadth of the Disqus network, providing admins an actionable view into a user’s reputation.

    4 - Keyboard shortcuts. Disqus moderation now features the ease of an application, including simple yet powerful keyboard shortcuts. You can now quickly select a group of items, take action, and change tabs and pages without touching your mouse.

    Many of these changes came directly from feedback and usage data and we will continue to incorporate additional feedback in the coming weeks, so tell us what you think in this survey.

    For more details on exactly what’s changed, see Meet Disqus’ Fast Moderation Update

    On a personal note: I’m particularly excited to see this update available to public because it’s the first project I’ve helped the team launch since I joined 2 months ago. Building community products for CBS Interactive sites like GameSpot and GameFAQs made me appreciate the hard work that goes into setting the right tone for a community. The diversity of communities that leverage Disqus and its moderation has impressed me every day since I’ve been able to see Disqus in action up close. 

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