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    The Commenter’s Dashboard

    Posted on December 16, 2010 by danielha

    The new Disqus, unveiled just a few weeks ago, introduced add-ons, analytics and other tools for communities powered by Disqus. Since then, we’ve gotten a lot of feedback from people who use Disqus, not as bloggers, but as commenters. We’re constantly reminded that Disqus has become more than a community-building platform; it’s now also a network of over 20 million commenters.

    We’re releasing something today for all of those commenters out there. This is the new user-centric dashboard.

    If you’re already logged into Disqus, check it out by heading to disqus.com/dashboard. There’s a few new features in here that we’re very excited about.

    Follow people that interest you

    We’ve come across so many comments in Disqus that are hilarious, insightful, or just fascinating to read. Now you can follow the comedians, experts, and storytellers on Disqus. After you choose to follow someone, his or her activity will show up in your dashboard activity stream. (Use the “Context” button to get the full conversation!)

    Like many people, we enjoy following people on Twitter. Twitter lets you stay current with the thoughts and actions of people you find interesting. Similarly, following people on Disqus means that you’re subscribed to their conversations and recommendations as they read and discuss topics online.

    To follow someone, just bring up their profile (click on their picture) and click the Follow button. Disqus will also suggest to you people you may want to follow, based on your existing friends on Twitter (Facebook support is coming soon). You can find this on the left side of the dashboard.

    A better activity stream

    There’s more ! We’ve made some new changes that will make the dashboard more enjoyable to use.

    • It’s way easier to manage your own comments. Active on a dozen blogs? Use the dashboard to track all the posts you’ve made — you can even edit and remove comments as necessary.
    • You know you’re hilarious, but who else thinks so? The new activity stream will show you how many likes you’ve received on your comments, and who liked them.
    • The dashboard makes continuing conversations dead simple. You can quickly bring up replies you’ve received, reply to others, and even like comments straight from the dashboard.

    Visit your new dashboard at disqus.com/dashboard. Let us know what you think below!

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