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    The new DISQUS 2012: Elevating the Discussion. Get it now!

    Posted on June 13, 2012 by danielha

    The completely revamped Disqus 2012 is now available for your site! If you already use Disqus, it’s a one-click upgrade. If you’re new to Disqus, the new platform only takes minutes to install — try out the demo now at disqus.com.

    Our team is incredibly excited about this release. The new Disqus 2012 is a full re-imagining of the core Disqus experience for both sites and commenters. We’ve been working on this for a while — and thinking about it for even longer. Today we’re happy to be sharing, with you, a glimpse into the future of Disqus.

    The new Disqus embodies our experience with online communities from the last couple of years. Today, Disqus is the most widely-used discussion platform on the web — over 300 million people engage on Disqus every month. Disqus 2012 is all about building an experience that people care about when they’re across the millions of Disqus-enabled communities on the web.

    Here’s what you’ll care about in the new Disqus

    Frictionless Experience

    Disqus 2012 is designed to be easy to use for both commenters and readers. Our goal is a clutter-free interface that helps the eyes focus on the discussion.

    We’re really excited about this: the new Disqus is fully real-time, from top to bottom, and based on completely new architecture. Conversations stream in live, with sub-second updating — and this happens all within the right context.

    Our goal is to strike to right balance between the allure of a fast-paced chat and still keep the depth of a structured discussion. Everything is dynamic: votes update in real-time and you’ll also be able to see when others are in the middle of typing a new comment.

    Quality discussions

    The new voting features are rooted in an overhaul of how we’re thinking about quality discussions within Disqus. New reputation-based algorithms mean that there’s less work for site admins because communities are enabled with more power to self-moderate.

    With voting, the new Disqus encourages richer discussions to form by letting the community surface the best comments. By pairing this with a smarter scoring system, Disqus will help maintain quality discussions — but without silencing simply less popular opinions.

    Serendipitous discovery

    One of our biggest introductions in the new platform is discovery. Discovery isn’t one single feature. It’s a theme that’s tightly woven into the core experience of Disqus. We’re helping people explore new discussions and stories through Disqus — and, as a benefit, sites are able to receive more high quality traffic.

    With the new Disqus 2012, we’ve even heard that Disqus has started showing up as a top traffic source. We’ve heard from sites that traffic driven by Disqus delivered more pages per visit and a higher visit duration than other traffic sources.

    The brand new Community view is a way for people to get a snapshot of the entire site. Find top commenters and hot discussions on the site. Once people fall in love with the community of site, they’re going to want to explore it more.

    Personalized for you

    The all-new My Disqus is a new personal view for people to stay on top of their conversations wherever they are. This is integrated right into the platform itself, so people will never have to leave the current page.

    We’ve rethought the user experience with Disqus 2012 so that both commenters and readers will be able to benefit from your site’s community.

    Also, we’ve refined and added new features to make using Disqus a beautiful discussion experience for everyone.

    • Social sharing. Allow users to easily share any comment or discussion thread to their favorite social network. Sharing directs new referral traffic directly back to your site.

    • Reactions. Discussions around your content happens all over the web. Disqus finds these conversations from Twitter and pulls them into the discussion on your website.

    • Social tagging. With @mentions, easily include others in on your discussion. Mentioned people are notified and encouraged to join your community.

    The start of a new Disqus

    With the platform, we believe that we’re adding a new dimension to how people use Disqus. Beyond discussion, Disqus is about helping sites engage audiences in exciting ways. Check out a tour of all of the new features.

    We’ve built the new Disqus in a way that will make it easier for us to innovate on new experiences, features, and layer in improvements. Today’s release is just the start of an evolving platform. We’re not even close to being done here — while we’re excited about the platform today, we’re even more excited about the ideas that we’re not yet ready to release.

    The new Disqus 2012 began public testing over a month ago. With the help of thousands of brave beta-testers, we’ve been improving every step of the way. Thank you for being a part of our product design and development. We built this new Disqus with your feedback, criticisms, and guidance — and we appreciate every bit of it.

    Our team hopes you enjoy the new Disqus. As always, let us know what you think in the discussion!

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