1. danielha

    One Month of Disqus 2012

    Posted on July 19, 2012 by danielha

    34 days ago, we released the new Disqus 2012 — the latest (and biggest) upgrade to your favorite discussion platform. For 34 days since then, we’ve been closely tracking three things:

    • Adoption growth of Disqus 2012
    • Metrics that tell us whether people are using Disqus as intended
    • Feedback — praise, suggestions, critiques — that we were getting

    We look at adoption as the percentage of Disqus-enabled sites that are now on the new platform. Today we’re approaching 40% of sites on the new Disqus — this represents almost 30% of the 5 billion page views that the Disqus platform sees every month.

    This is just awesome — the growth rate has gone past our initial estimates on the takeup of Disqus 2012, and we’re excited that users love the new platform. But adoption rate doesn’t tell the full story; we also want to know that Disqus is actually doing its job. We want to know if our work on the new Disqus 2012 actually results in a more effective engagement platform.

    Our metrics for engagement takes a few things into consideration, including commenting, voting, and sharing. Early usage metrics have been promising and we’re thinking about how improve to them. One site using Disqus 2012, Majornelson.com saw a big engagement increase in 2 weeks. This is what they said:

    After installing [Disqus] in May 2011, I immediately saw a 99.9% drop in spam and dramatic increase in the quality of comments. With Disqus 2012 – things have gotten even better and I’ve seen an over 300% increase in engagement with the new Disqus 2012 features.

    With our newly introduced discovery features, we’re putting a lot of focus on increasing real, measurable engagement: more traffic driven to pages, more time spent on pages, and more interactions by your website’s community. There’s a lot more here that we’re excited to share very soon.

    Hearing and learning from long-time Disqus users is especially important for us because we want to know if Disqus 2012 is actually a big improvement from the older platform. Wired.com tells us:

    Disqus has been an important part of Wired.com for years. With Disqus 2012, we’re looking forward to real time commenting, which will give our audience a first row seat.

    We’re still getting plenty of suggestions and feedback from users. This feedback isn’t going into a black hole. We’re truly prioritizing what we build based on what we’re observing and hearing from you. A recent update introduced better image embedding with support for uploads and drag and drop. Disqus 2012 is getting new updates almost every day and you can follow the changes right on our release notes.

    Next up: we’re working on expanding on what we’ve introduced in My Disqus and the Community view — both two new concepts of Disqus 2012 that we’ll be building upon.

    The new Disqus gives you the latest of what we’ve been working on. If you’re not on Disqus 2012 yet, it only takes a few seconds to upgrade Disqus on your site.

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