1. chriskjennings

    Evolving My Disqus

    Posted on October 11, 2012 by chriskjennings

    Today we’re announcing the first of a series of updates to the My Disqus tab. Disqus 2012 introduced My Disqus view as a more obvious way to see replies to your comments and follow updates from commenters you care about. It’s one of several features in Disqus 2012 that help users return to conversations and move across the network.

    Here’s a quick look at how we’re making My Disqus even more useful.


    My Disqus is now home to two child tabs, Network activity and Notifications

    Network activity is now grouped by and anchored to a discussion topic. Not only does this give each activity item more context, but we feel it also makes them much more enjoyable to read. 

    The Notifications tab is an inbox of activity related to you. Notifications are now persistent even if you reload the page.

    Since it’s a personalized experience, only users who log into Disqus see the My Disqus tab. If you’re not seeing it in the comments below, just connect with your Disqus, Facebook, Twitter, or Google account to give it a try.

    We’re just beginning to explore this side of our product and would love your feedback. How we can make My Disqus more useful to you?

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