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    Coloring Outside the Lines: Hacking at Disqus

    Posted on November 30, 2012 by danielha

    A wiseman once said “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” We like our play at Disqus. So earlier this month, for the first time ever, we decided to take a little break from the usual. We put our regularly scheduled programming on pause and spent a week decoding the future of Disqus. We stepped outside our normal day-to-day and looked at what participation and discussion could look like in the future (or the end of the week, whichever came first.) 

    Disqus Hack Week was an opportunity for our teams to show, not tell, how great their ideas are. This week-long stretch allowed everyone in the company to show off their design, development, analysis, and testing chops in small teams. Each team included reps from engineering, design, infrastructure, customer support, business development and operations. This is a look at just a few of the things we cooked up.

    Disqus is the world’s largest network of conversations. By powering discussion on two million websites, we have our pulse on what people are talking about, all around the world. What if we could show you the most interesting discussions happening at any given moment? Several teams dialed into this opportunity and built products that surface the most interesting and trending discussions. Here’s a look at one:

    Disqus today is about conversations happening on the web. What if those conversations could include the places and things around you? In a mobile environment, the form and function of discussion changes. A restaurant could become the subject of debate. A concert the experience everyone wants to talk about. Disqus Local began our exploration into this world. With a working prototype up by weeks end, it may have even saved a few lives in our post-hack excursion to Vegas that weekend.


    The web is a playground for the artist in all of us. (Even cat pics count here.) But traditional online discussions are read-only. What if you could color in your conversation? One team explored bringing a more visual experience to discussion. A picture says a thousand words:


    If you’re like us, you’re a big believer that people just want to be heard and technology continues to open up new and exciting ways for them to do that. And everyday from outside and in, we hear great ideas on how to use Disqus in original ways. Keep them coming. In 2013, we’ll be reigniting Disqus Labs. We’ve just scratched the surface on what we could build together. Look out for some of these new features to trickle into the core Disqus product or show up on our upcoming labs page.

    Want to come hack with us? Take a look at our jobs page to see how you can bring these and your own ideas to life.

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