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    WPML in Disqus for WordPress

    Posted on January 30, 2013 by thetylerhayes

    Disqus is used on sites all around the world, in every country and across all types of communities. The new Disqus is already available in several languages and will be available in more very soon. One of the benefits of this reach is our ability to deliver a consistent experience all around the Web.

    But it’s also important for all elements of a community, Disqus included, to feel native and unique to that community. For international sites this means multi-language support in Disqus.


    So I’m excited to announce our latest development for non-English sites: integration with WPML, the easiest way to build and run multilingual WordPress sites.

    The integration requires no additional work. Simply set your site’s language(s) in WPML and Disqus will adapt to load in that language. (Limited to supported Disqus languages.) Disqus will even load in different languages per-page if you choose more than one language for a page in WPML.

    If you run an international WordPress site, get the latest Disqus for WordPress and WPML plugin today.

    Are you a WordPress developer? Our WordPress community means a lot to us — the Disqus for WordPress plugin is open source and has been downloaded almost a million times. Make a commit today.

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