1. matmullen

    A Visual Update to the Core Disqus Experience

    Posted on May 7, 2013 by matmullen

    Over the past few days we’ve rolled out a few improvements to the Disqus experience that make it easier than ever to participate in your favorite community. It’s also a lot prettier. 

    Refreshed Design

    The first thing you’ll notice is that the comment area has been given a design facelift to make the experience feel more inviting, which includes larger profile photos and font size.  We’ve also updated the old default avatar to a new image that’s more representative of both male and female community members.  You’ll also notice that the social login icons have been given a little design love and we’ve now made logging into your Disqus account more recognizable.  


    Large Image & Video Uploads

    One of the most requested features from our community has been to add full-sized images into the Disqus experience.  We’re happy to announce that this is now a reality on communities that allow image uploads.  image

    Improved Hovercards & User Following

    If you’re not a regular to this blog, you might have missed the new Disqus profiles that we introduced recently.  We’ve made it easier to follow your favorite community members by including a nice large follow button as well as including two new tabs that show a user’s list of followers, and a list of people that the user is following.  image

    36 More Languages

    In addition to English, Disqus now supports over 36 languages.  We’re adding new languages every week, so if you don’t see your language in the list of already available ones, or if you are not happy with the existing translations, come translate with us and help make Disqus better!

    Ability to Customize the Default Sort Order of Comments

    We’ve re-added the ability for publishers to choose the default sort order of comments on their site.  For example, if you’re running an online contest or live blog event, you might want to have your comments sorted by newest first. By default the sort order is set to “Best”, but site moderators can now adjust the default order by visiting the Disqus settings page.  You spoke, we listened. Enjoy!

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