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    An improved commenting experience

    Posted on June 11, 2010 by giannii-deactivated20130307

    Two weeks ago, we began testing a major change to greatly improve the commenting experience on Disqus. This change makes posting comments much more appealing to your community by allowing them to think only about commenting and not logging in

    We believe this is the most attractive comment box on the web.

    As of today this is the new default for the current Disqus theme.

    Where are the login options?

    You may have noticed that the login buttons (for Facebook, Twitter, Disqus, etc.) are no longer showing on your site. This doesn’t mean that your community can’t log into these services anymore. They still can, but they’ll only need to do so after they’ve decided to post a comment. 

    We think this is a big improvement! Commenting should be an effortless act that does not intrude upon your site but snuggly fit within it. Removing the initial login step helps focus on the true essence of web commentary: writing your comment. We’ve neatly tucked away the identification step to smoothly guide your community through an ideal commenting experience.

    Note: You can still login before commenting by hovering over the Disqus logo in the upper right.

    I really really like the buttons. Can I have them back?

    If you really miss the extra login indicators, you can bring them back by going to your settings.

    This is a small change that was made up of many behind-the-scene improvements. We hope that you’ll enjoy these improvements, but we’re just as receptive to critical feedback.

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