1. danielha

    (Re)introducing Community Likes

    Posted on August 4, 2010 by danielha

    About a month ago, we (pre) announced a feature called Community Likes. Since then, there’s been a couple hundred early adopting communities testing this feature out (thank you!) and a few hundred thousand likes given. Today, this feature is going live on all sites using Disqus. On websites using Disqus, you’ll see something like this:

    This feature continues Disqus’ goal to help pull a true community out of the audience that visits your site. Liking comments has been a core piece of Disqus since the beginning, and we’re now extending this feedback mechanism to the top-level page or article itself. Community Likes is an easy, quick way for your visitors to give feedback and make their presence known on your site, all without having to post an actual comment.

    Community Likes also functions as a slick way for people to share the article on Facebook and Twitter (only if they give it a thumbs up — but don’t worry, we’ve been seeing over 90% likes over dislikes). That means that liking content with Disqus’ buttons taps into the power of both Facebook’s and Twitter’s social networks.

    Enjoy and let us know how your communities respond!

    A note for moderators

    Are you seeing this message on your site? This message will be displayed to you if you’re a moderator of that Disqus community. Don’t worry, non-moderators won’t be able to see it. This message will automatically remove itself at the beginning of next week.

    If you don’t think you want to have Community Likes enabled on your site, you can switch this feature off and on by going to your settings.

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