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    Achievement Unlocked: Merging Profiles

    Posted on August 18, 2010 by giannii-deactivated20130307

    Over the past couple months the Disqus community has been growing with sites such as Engadget, CNN, FastCompany, The Atlantic, Mashable, and AllThingsD.

    Some of these sites use their own logins in conjunction with Disqus, which may mean that commenters end up with multiple profiles. Multiple profiles can also occur if you choose to comment on Disqus-enabled sites with different authentication choices (eg. Facebook or Twitter), or even comment as a guest.

    We’ve made this manageable with the option to merge your multiple profiles. You can find this in the “Edit profile” box (this is the link next to your name near the comment box). Choose to merge all comments associated with your email address with just a couple clicks. We recommend you give it a whirl if you’d like; it’s your choice whether or not to merge these identifies together.

    And one more thing.

    Last week we announced new community profiles. You can bring up anyone’s profile anywhere on Disqus — just click on the avatar picture and a small box will pop open.

    If you’re viewing someone’s profile, and they happen to have a green sash, that means that they’re a moderator of the site. Be on your best behavior!

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