Disqus hacks the roadmap: June 2016 Recap

Posted by Tony Hue on July 11, 2016 • ... comments

Last month, we hosted an internal two-day hackathon at Disqus HQ. Unlike your typical anything-goes hackathon, “Hack the Roadmap”—as we dubbed it—aimed to enable anyone at Disqus to explore projects and ideas that may be immediately relevant or considered in our future roadmap.

The paper plane proof: our uplifting story of client-side JavaScript bucketing

Posted by gabalafou on June 25, 2015 • ... comments

Contributors: Ernest Wong, Charles Covey-Brandt, and Michael Maltese

Organized Nerd Fights: How We Hack

Posted by gabalafou on August 01, 2014 • ... comments

It's like 10:30 pm and I'm still in the office.

A love affair with Cassandra

Posted by George Courtsunis on December 16, 2013 • ... comments

Cassandra is a highly scalable distributed database that we use in a variety of applications. It powers such things as loading the Disqus comment system, to our real-time Promoted Discovery product. We love the tool and have decided to help users of Cassandra get better connected to the community by hosting the Datastax Cassandra SF Users meetup at Disqus HQ.

Disqus Hackathon

Posted by Jeff Pollard on November 05, 2013 • ... comments

In office team dinner during the Hackathon.

Scaling Django to 8 Billion Page Views

Posted by Matt Robenolt on September 24, 2013 • ... comments

As we’re approaching 8 billion page views per month and 45k requests per second, we’ve learned a couple things about delivering comments to a lot of different people. Disqus is very well known for using Django for almost all of our web traffic, and that continues to be a thing today. As with any web framework, there are inherent trade-offs: rapid development vs performance, familiarity for new developers vs something custom, etc. Disqus likes to lean towards rapid development and familiarity over performance, and something fine tuned for our exact needs.

Trying out this Go thing...

Posted by Matt Robenolt on May 23, 2013 • ... comments

Last Thursday, May 16th, we shipped our first Go project into production.

Making Disqus faster

Posted by Anton Kovalyov on February 10, 2010 • ... comments

Hello. I am Anton Kovalyov, I work as a software engineer here at Disqus and this blog post is about one project I was working on. It extracts all the static parts out of our embeddable code which makes our widget much faster than it is now. We are still testing this update but you already can try it out. For more details on the project and how to enable it for your website, continue reading.

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