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Organizations Update: How to Name Your Organization

Posted by Rachel Cook on January 29, 2016 • ... comments

You might remember a few months ago we rolled out the ‘Organizations’ view—a new feature for multi-site owners to get a single, comprehensive view of all their account data across multiple sites.

The ‘Organizations’ view is designed to help you stay organized by collecting your sites into groups—what we call organizations. To get the most out of this tool, be sure to provide a name for your organizations. For many publishers, the organization’s name would naturally match their company’s name.

If you haven’t already, you can edit your organization’s name through the site picker next to the Disqus logo in your account. To label your organization, click on the green button and type in your organization’s name.


Once you’ve labeled your organization, click “Select All” next to the organization name to see aggregate data for all of the sites within that organization. This option consolidates engagement metrics, like votes and comments, or revenue metrics, like impressions and RPMv, in a single view.

If you’re the admin of more than one organization, and there’s one you frequently use, mark it as your default. It will be pinned to the top of your site-picker and will load by default every time your visit the Disqus admin.


When you’re ready to take a closer look at a single site, just select the account from the site picker.

If you’d like to move any of your sites to a different organization, get in touch with us.

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