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What's new: add business users to your organization

Posted by Rachel Cook on June 08, 2016 • ... comments

If you work in a team, be sure that your key colleagues have access to essential features by adding them to your organization.

You may have seen our post a few months ago about the Organizations view—a new feature available for Disqus publishers who own more than one site. Organizations let publishers group all of their sites under one umbrella company, giving them a comprehensive overview of Disqus account data for every site they own.


When we first rolled out the Organizations view, forum founders were automatically granted business-level privileges for their organization. As authorized business users, they could see high-level engagement and revenue metrics across every site in their company.

Since the release, we’ve listened to your feedback and understood that many companies have a need for multiple employees—not just forum founders—to access organization-level reporting to see earnings and engagement metrics for their business as a whole. That’s why today we’re announcing our latest update: a new tool for easily adding authorized business users to your organization.

Why should I add authorized business users?

The authorized business user role is designed for users who might not log in to Disqus every day to moderate comments, but instead need access to top-line metrics for business purposes. Authorized business users get access to aggregate data for every Disqus site in an organization. This includes engagement metrics like comment count, and revenue data like earnings reports and payment information.

How do I add authorized business users?

To add an authorized business user, visit the Settings page in your Disqus account, select “Switch to Organization”, then select “Admins”. From there, just enter the username for the person you’d like to add as an authorized business user.


Make sure you’re logged in as the forum founder (or primary moderator) for your organization so you can access the organization settings to add users.

Add business users
Note: users must have a Disqus account to be added as authorized business users. New users can sign up here for Disqus, then have their forum founder add their username to the list of authorized business users.

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