Summer is here, and we are beyond excited to try the newest recipes and restaurants! 🍝 This week we rounded up some of our favorite Disqus food websites to help you out this summer. Whether you plan to spend the next couple of months channeling your inner foodie, cooking up the yummiest summer recipes, or dining out to the trendy new restaurant-- we’ve got you covered!

The time has come to indulge in all that summer has to offer by trying the latest recipes and dining at new, trendy restaurants.🍴 Check out some of our favorite food sites below:

Nom Nom Paleo

This critically-acclaimed Paleo food blog features hundreds of foolproof, nutritious recipes using real, whole ingredients for foodies, fitness buffs, and families! The meals have step by step photos of each process in the recipe accompanied by some insightful commentary about each ingredient.

Pick Up Limes

If you’re a vegan or wanting to go vegan, then this is the site for you. This remarkable Canadian foodie provides easy vegan recipes that are as healthy as they are pretty! She also produces a series of videos with recipes, tips, and insightful dietary information.

The Splendid Table

Hosted by the award-winning food writer Francis Lam, this site gives us a mix of recipes and stories surrounding sustainability, food culture, and different cuisines around the world. If you’re looking to learn more about sustainable cooking or the latest trends in food and technology, definitely check it out!

Jamie Oliver

Warning: It’s hard to visit this site without your mouth watering. There is a “learning” section of the site where you can find various resources for topics such as special diets, global cuisine, nutrition, ideal shopping lists, and much more.


Guilty Eats

If you’re into listicles and searching for the best spots to quench that junk food craving, look no further! Guilty Eats provides quality news about new menus, specials, and promotions for fast food restaurants. Their team of writers provides honest, transparent opinions and reviews, making them relatable to the everyday consumer that likes to indulge in fast food guilty pleasures occasionally. 🙋

What are your favorite websites to catch up on the latest food trends? Share below!