With the holidays just around the corner, you may be planning your trip home to see your family or maybe even a tropical getaway to escape the cold winter. While planning travel can be overwhelming (especially on a budget), we wanted to highlight some of our favorite travel sites to help you plan the smoothest - and hopefully most affordable trip possible! So, because time is money 🤑 let’s jump right in with some of our favorite travel sites to check out: 

Secret Flying 

If you’re into securing the best deals (I know I can’t pass up a great deal), then you have to check out Secret Flying. With their incredibly affordable deals, you can jet set around the world without breaking the bank! They even provide sets of dates with the lowest fares so you can pick a flight quickly and go on to plan the rest of your trip. 


The Points Guy 

The travel section of The Points Guy is a comprehensive resource for travel tips, great deals, and news. From the most Instagrammable places in Europe to the dirtiest places in airports, this site covers it all! If you’re all about using those travel points, this site can also advise you on the best credit cards to utilize for flying or accommodation. 


Love to Know

Whether you’re looking for local, national, or international travel activities, LoveToKnow has the latest content on camping, cruises, theme parks, and even what to do in your own city-  and more! They present their content in an easy-to-use format, perfect for skimming a few facts or diving deeper into whatever topic you’re researching. 


World’s Finest Destinations

WFD is definitely worth adding to your bookmarks. Serving you travel news, ideas and inspiration, and also the best places to stop for a bite or a bottle of wine, don’t sleep on this site. From the best holiday destinations for couples, to must-see spots in Africa, to the top 7 reasons you should visit Washington DC, this site covers a broad spectrum of destinations and activities.


The Savvy Backpacker

Looking to explore and enjoy Europe on a budget? This resource is the ultimate guide in traveling around the EU without breaking the bank. Started by James in 2010, a Missouri native, this savvy backpacker noticed that most backpacking sites offered very little well-researched content and even less on how to embark on a journey like this without spending a fortune. If you’re looking for adventure, backpacking, and beautiful European getaways, this is the site for you. 🛩


We hope this roundup left you armed with all the resources you need to take on this holiday season! Are you planning a warm tropical escape this year or looking forward to a cozy white winter? Let us know in the reactions below!