We get it, you want to get your family, friends, and maybe even coworkers the best (and most affordable) gifts for the holidays, but you don’t have the time to spend hours combing through the best deals! Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, let’s just say the internet can get a bit overwhelming. You want those savings served to you on a silver platter, and I am here to tell you that this year, we’re doing exactly that. Whether you’re into the latest tech gadgets, the trendiest new clothing, or just more of a gift card person - we got you. Check out these shopping sites running Disqus that definitely deserve their own folder on your bookmarks bar! 


High Snobiety 

This trendy brand is dedicated to today’s generation of “style-conscious” individuals. Their site encompasses all things from fashion to sneakers, design, music, and entertainment. “In a world where being culture-obsessed has become the rule (not the exception), our mission is to turn curious outsiders into cultivated insiders.” And I have to admit, whenever I visit this site, I always feel excited about what I’m about to discover, and confident that they have some fresh and unique finds. 



Have you ever just thought: screw it, I’m quitting my job to work on my passion project! I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind one or two times, but these guys actually did it! After failing to find a company that catered to adventure-seeking city-dwellers, Andy and Rich quit their finance jobs to start Huckberry out of their San Francisco apartments. Years later, and with a product offering ranging from NASA engineered pocket knives to game-changing outdoor gear, this site is a one-stop-shop if you’re getting prepared for the winter or any upcoming adventures.



Do you ever see something you love when you’re window shopping and then before you know it, everyone is wearing that exact thing? If you find yourself in that situation pretty often, then allow me to introduce you to Repeller, the daring and exciting extension of Man Repeller where you can find fun and unique statement pieces that will complete any outfit. Promoting self-discovering and celebrating bold choices, Repeller is the perfect gift haven for shoppers looking for an exciting and rare product offering! 



It’s difficult enough to keep up with the latest smartwatches, phones, tablets, and headphones… let alone trying to find the best deals for all of those things! But fear not, Wirecutter will guide you along this quest to save the most money on the best products. They’re already reporting on early Black Friday deals from brands such as Casper, Apple, Amazon, Fitbit and more. You’ll probably want to bookmark this so it’s ready to go when you wake up at 6 am on Cyber Monday 😉


PC Gamer 

I guarantee that if you’re not into computer games, you have a friend, sibling, cousin, or relative that is. If you’re anything like me, you may not know the most about games or how to shop for them (or the hardware that goes along with them), which is where PC Gamer comes into the picture. With 20 years of PC gaming experience, they are the top source for game reviews, hardware testing, esports coverage, and around-the-clock news! With Black Friday deals already posted on their site, you’ll be up to date on the latest savings and the best tech out there. 



At what point did gift cards get a bad rep? They’re quick, customizable, always a crowd-pleaser, and totally eliminate the possibility of someone getting you a less than desirable gift (or vice versa). So, if you’re going to buy a gift card, you’ll want to do it at Giftcards.com. Providing personalization, quick delivery, variety, innovation, and of course-- no fees, this is the Mecca of gift card websites. With guides on how to pick the best streaming or food delivery gift cards, and covering the most impressive gift card BOGOs and holiday promotions, this site fits any and all gift-giving needs. 


Where do you find the hottest deals? Are you more of a Black Friday or Cyber Monday kind of person? Share below! 🎁