Today, we're excited to announce powerful updates to the moderation panel to help reduce the time you spend moderating comments. Moderation curates discussions to encourage a broad range of opinions to be heard and thoughtful interactions to occur, but it shouldn’t take away the time you need on growing and fostering quality engagement with your audience.

disqus-moderation-panel-update.pngModerate smarter - not harder - as we like to say, which is why we're introducing new tools and improvements to moderation. With the upgraded moderation panel, you now can:

  • Prioritize comments that need the most attention
  • Filter comments by issue type in one-click
  • Moderate faster with smart tags, highlights, and moderation history that provides actionable context on any comment

These changes will save you a lot of time so that you can focus your efforts towards growing engagement in your community.  Let’s get you up to speed on the updates!

Moderation overload? Try Priority sort

priority-sort-3.pngWhen you only have a few minutes to moderate, the new “Priority” sort option does all the heavy lifting for you. This option intelligently surfaces comments that might need your immediate attention using various signals from the community including flags, downvotes, restricted words, reputation, and more.

Priority sort can be found among the existing “Newest” and “Oldest” options within the sort menu in the top-right navigation.

Filter pending comments by issue type


With the addition of filters to the top navigation, we eliminate the guesswork in moderation. Using filters, you can quickly view groups of comments based on the reason(s) they’re pending moderation approval. This allows you to divide and conquer more efficiently and use signals like reputation to focus your effort. Here are the new filters:

  • Guest comment
  • Contains a link
  • Low reputation
  • Restricted word
  • Flagged
  • No issue: pre-moderation is enabled and comment does not match any other reason

Search for comments with ease

Search now includes a dropdown with helpful parameter examples to speed up your comment and user searches. Here are the different categories which you can quickly search by with one-click:

  • User
  • IP
  • Email
  • Thread
  • ID

Review the moderation history of any commenter

Moderation History is an upcoming feature soon to be released that provides a robust log of all the moderation actions for a given commenter. Perfect for when you need to take a closer look at why a comment was approved or deleted.

We’ve also reorganized the sidebar panel when viewing a selected comment so that you can get all the context you need about the comment author. Here’s what’s included:

  • Moderation history - moderator actions for any user, including approve, spam, delete.
  • Thread view - the comment within context of the discussion thread showing any preceding replies
  • Account history - the author’s recent comments on Disqus. Comments from private profiles are hidden however, you can view comments they’ve made on the site you moderate using the search function.

And so much more...

  • Smart tags display the pending reason for each comment to provide context at-a-glance
  • Highlight restricted words within a comment that caused it to be sent to moderation review
  • Pending tab is now the default tab when accessing your site’s Moderation Panel
  • Improved responsive design on mobile, tablet, or desktop

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Tell us how you moderate

We're constantly listening to site moderators on how we can improve your workflows and want to hear from you! The updates we highlighted today are the culmination of that feedback and we’re eager to learn how they impact they way you moderate.

Share you feedback and questions on the new moderation tools in the discussion below. Our team is available to read your comments and answer any questions.