The Disqus comment section, upgraded

Posted by Michael Gately on December 12, 2022 • ... comments



Last month, we announced that we were working on a refresh of the Disqus comment section.

Today, after weeks of listening to and incorporating tons of awesome feedback from our awesome community of commenters and publishers, we’re taking a huge step forward in fully deploying the new comment section across our entire network. It's a very exciting day!

Let's talk about the Disqus redesign

Posted by Michael Gately on November 29, 2022 • ... comments


Hi all,

As some of you may have heard, we’re currently working on a redesign of the Disqus comment section. Starting today, we're officially moving our redesign into limited production and we wanted to take this opportunity to share a little bit about our process and the thinking behind what we're doing.

Advanced Moderation is freeing publishers from the moderation migraine

Posted by Michael Gately on October 26, 2022 • ... comments

When considering the various pros and cons of employing an on-site comments section, publishers can sometimes feel a bit wary of the potential burden of comment moderation that comes along with one. We totally get it—after all, the prospect of having to manually sift through and review each incoming comment is a daunting one, especially so for overstretched editorial and community management teams, as well as for sites that generate large volumes of comments.

New: Advanced Moderation tools that set the tone for your community

Posted by Michael Gately on August 02, 2022 • ... comments


Let's face it—you, as a Disqus publisher, don't have the time or resources to sit there and manually review each comment being posted to your comments section, do you? 

Introducing Reactions Analytics!

Posted by Michael Gately on July 14, 2022 • ... comments

Let's face it—as extraordinarily busy people, we don't always have enough time to respond to everything we see on the internet. Sometimes we only have enough time to react.

Disqus Spotlight: Meet Chris Tang, Frontend Engineer

Posted by Michael Gately on March 11, 2022 • ... comments


Meet Chris Tang, Frontend Engineer and the very latest addition to the talented Disqus team. Chris joined last month to shore up our Engineering department and quickly demonstrated a knack for making a huge impact right out of the gates. Let's take a look at Chris' career journey so far and what he likes most about being a part of the Disqus team.

Automated moderation rules enable you to proactively establish your community policies

Posted by Michael Gately on February 25, 2022 • ... comments

One of the key attributes of any successful moderation system is its scalability. For communities with high levels of user engagement, this is especially true—higher engagement translates into more comments and users to have to potentially monitor. Any suite of features that effectively does that work for you is absolutely essential to your team's moderation efforts, because let's face it—nobody has the time or inclination to sit there and moderate each and every comment individually.

Unlock the full potential of online conversation—at scale—with Disqus for Business

Posted by Michael Gately on December 01, 2021 • ... comments

Here at Disqus, we understand that larger organizations have more complex needs—and that these needs extend to the services they rely on to drive their business forward. That’s why we’re taking a moment to put the spotlight on Disqus for Business – our enterprise solution for companies that demand more adaptability and precision from the tools they use.

PRE-MODERATION — Keeping Your Community and Advertisers Safe

Posted by Glenn Humble on June 24, 2021 • ... comments

Ensuring your commenter section reflects your site’s editorial point-of-view is critical to maintaining a safe, vibrant and growing community. It also allows you to rest easy that the content in your commenting section is safe for your advertisers. Currently, when it comes to controlling commenters on your site you have two options, roll the dice and hope for the best or manage each new comment one by one. Either way is not ideal.

What do the recent announcements from Google mean for my ad partnerships?

Posted by Joshua Koran on March 17, 2021 • ... comments

Disqus, like many of our publishers, partners with Google to monetize ad inventory. The recent announcements and blog posts from Google (and others) can often be hard to interpret.  

Advertising funds the continued operations of most of the modern web. One of the most important things you can do is ensure you are working with vendors that are partnering to provide you continued access to a competitive marketplace of suppliers. We wanted to share our early thoughts and some helpful advice.  

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