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Brand new analytics for Reveal publishers

Posted by Brian Falldin on August 19, 2015 • ... comments

As we mentioned last week, we’ve been in the process of updating Reveal revenue analytics. Well, today, we delivered!

Starting this week, Reveal publishers will now see a completely revamped analytics and metrics as it pertains to below-the-fold monetization. Most analytics focus on topline data, but with Reveal, and the focus on below-the-fold earnings, we give you the data that makes most sense for evaluating this kind of performance.


What’s improved:

As you can see, we’ve focused a lot on viewability. This is because below-the-fold performance depends on viewable impressions.  In the future, we plan to make additional improvements to help publishers up their viewability percentage.

If you’re a Reveal publisher, we encourage you to take a look by navigating to your admin panel, clicking on Analytics and then on Revenue.

And let us know what you think about the new Reveal analytics either in the comments below or by filling out our feedback form.

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