Mommyish is not your typical parenting site. And LiteBrite, a rad commenter from their community, is the embodiment of their commitment to fresh and open dialogue about what it takes to be a modern parent. Whether she’s commenting on sex, pregnancy, relationships, raising kids, or the occasional story about baby teeth necklaces, LiteBrite is a commenter you want around. Her personal anecdotes lend depth to her opinions, and allow her authenticity to shine through as brightly as her name suggests. Plus, she’s a roller girl. And let’s be honest, a woman who knows how to throw an elbow with a smile is going to be a sparkling addition to any community.

 Q: What are your favorite sites to visit and why?

A: My ultimate favorite site is Mommyish. I find the articles, while still parent-centric, are so much more than the usual “blah blah blah here’s the latest parenting tip….” There are some very deep and sometimes horrifying subjects that are written about, but yet still need to be discussed (even if we’re not directly affected). I also have grown to love the commenters on the site. They’re funny, insightful, sometimes a little surly, and they make me look forward to visiting and commenting.

Q: What types of stories lead to good discussions?
A: The “hot button” topics will always generate a lot of interesting thoughts, but I’ve also seen some great discussions and comments come out of even a simple article about Kourtney Kardashian’s pregnancy. Therefore, I don’t think it’s just the article that determines the discussion; it’s the comments within it that serve as a jumping off point.

Q: How do you know you’ve captured your thought well?
A: To be honest, I don’t. I suppose I could use the number of up-votes as a benchmark, but I don’t think that’s the only way. I will say though that I edit my comments as I’m writing them; I don’t just throw them out there. I try to think about how they are worded and how they may be perceived by someone else who doesn’t necessarily know me.

Q: Why did you choose the screen name or avatar you did?
A: The screen name was a quick decision and not based on any real backstory. I like the name, and I liked LiteBrites as a kid so there you go. My avatar, on the other hand, has a bit more thought behind it. First, I’m a roller girl hobbyist. (I skate with our city’s recreation league). I also find roller girls to be a bit of an enigma. While they are perceived as bad ass (the “naughty” girls), the ones I’ve met are some of the most compassionate people I know. There’s this duality that I like and that I think is part of my own personality.

Q: What kind of feedback or reaction are you looking for when you comment?
A: Up-votes. I crave validation.

In all seriousness, I can’t say I’m looking for any specific type of reaction. I just hope that someone likes my comment, understands it, and can agree. If not, my hope is that they’re not too much of a jackass about it.

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