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Introducing a brand new Disqus for publishers

Posted by Brian Falldin on August 05, 2015 • ... comments

Today, we’re letting the world know about two important changes to the products publishers enjoy.

The first is our introduction of Reveal – the first all-in-one, below-the-fold monetization solution for publishers.


We built Reveal based on the belief that publishers deserve a below-the-fold monetization solution that is easy-to-use and provides higher quality ways to monetize engaged readership. That’s why Reveal gives publishers access to programmatic inventory for native content and premium ad units, like video and native direct response ads from leading brands.

Our second update is about comments. For a long time, publishers thought of Disqus as only a commenting platform. That’s no longer true. Not only do we offer comments, but we now also have numerous other features, like Disqus Channels. So we decided to give our commenting platform a name that highlights how Disqus comments drive engagement and recirculate traffic.

And we’re calling it Engage.


In the coming months, we plan to make several improvements to Engage. The goal is improve upon the features you know and love today while also giving publishers a way to fully understand the value of commenters on their site.

As part of these changes, we put up a new site for publishers, take a look here.

Stay tuned for more updates about Engage and Reveal in the coming weeks. If you have any features you’d like to see added to Engage or Reveal, let us know on Discuss Disqus or in the comments below.

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