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Meet the new Disqus publisher interface, now with improved multi-site navigation

Posted by Brian Falldin on October 01, 2015 • ... comments

Starting today, all Disqus customers will see an updated navigation in our publisher admin that better organizes commonly used features to better support the modern digital publisher.

In the complex world of online publishing, many publishers operate multiple content properties. Each site is often a little different. sometimes with one shared team, sometimes with different team members for different sites, and often with slightly different options configured. We’ve seen the number of multi-site Disqus customers grow significantly in recent years, so getting this right matters more than ever.

The most visible change is the new top navigation that groups features by our major products: Engage (comments and engagement features) and Reveal(monetization).

The publisher admin navigation also now includes notification alerts in the upper right, unifying alerts across all Disqus features, including the Engage embed in publisher pages. That should mean faster updates with less email.

Publishers can now be confident that the right people are seeing the the right features, once team roles are configured. Team members with “can change settings” permission can see all features and update key configuration options.

Team members who have access to more than one site now see the site picker in the top navigation. Sites are grouped by publishing organization (also known as “primary moderator”). Right now, most pages only affect one site at a time (the moderation panel is the key exception) but in the coming weeks, we plan to release support for seeing analytics for all sites in an organization.

In order to help publishers get the most out of Engage and Reveal, this release also opens up access to the Disqus learning center, a central repository for learning about product features, best practices, and helpful technical articles, which will expand over time.


This interface update represents a new foundation for future improvements and required major changes under the hood, so we’ll be rolling the change out progressively as we gather feedback.

 Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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