Over the summer we had our annual Disqus Hackweek. We already wrote about the projects that our team hacked away about. Now we want to hear from you:

Check out our quick summary of the projects below or refer to our full summary post. Then let us know which project is your favorite by voting below.

Browser Notifications

Subscribe to browser notifications of Disqus activity including replies, mentions, and upvotes. Similar to mobile push notifications, browser notifications only require that you have a supported web browser.


We rebuilt our recommendation engine, Discovery, using better taxonomic information to provide more relevant and engaging suggestions. We trained our own NLP algorithm, resulting in more relevant recommendations in testing.


An iOS software development kit (SDK) that publishers can use to integrate Disqus into their native mobile apps.

Editor’s Picks

Publishers can easily curate and highlight their favorite contributions in a discussion; expanding upon our pre-existing Featured Comment feature.

Moderation in Slack

Moderate Disqus comments directly in Slack. You can approve (thumbs up), delete (thumbs down), or mark comments as spam with just one click.

Comment Edit History

Show status and track changes of edited comments, including when the edits were made.

Vote on your favorite project and tell us why in the comments below. Have more ideas beyond what is on the list above? We read every comment, so let us know what new features you'd like to see become part of Disqus and why.