Every four years, the FIFA World Cup captivates the globe (in 2014, there were 3.2 billion viewers😱) in a tournament so exciting and spirited that people can’t help but drop what they’re doing to watch. This year’s World Cup is no exception, as football enthusiasts everywhere are pulling out all the stops to watch their favorite teams battle through the opening group phase. Loyal fans are getting up early, staying awake late, live-streaming games to their phones (which may not seem like dedication, until you think about the ensuing data bill), and even playing hooky from work. With only ten matches left in this round, the next three days are guaranteed to be action-packed as each team fights to be one of the sixteen moving forward.

Here at Disqus, the tournament is a hot topic of conversation, celebrated through playful banter and lunch breaks crowded by the TV. Over the past two weeks, we’ve cheered--and in some cases, cried--witnessing heart-warming wins (Mexico vs. Germany), heart-wrenching ties (Brazil vs. Switzerland), and heartbreaking losses (Argentina vs. Croatia). Before the elimination phase begins Saturday, we are curious to know who you think will take home the trophy. Will Germany defend their 2014 champion title? Perhaps, it’ll be hometown Russia who secures the W. Or maybe, against all odds, World Cup newcomers, Iceland or Panama will surprise us all?

We created a quick poll for you to share your predictions (if the poll isn’t appearing, you can access it via this link). Vote away! 


Feeling lucky? Share some of your other predictions below.💬

Who will be in the final 4?

What two teams will compete in the championship game?

What will be the score of the final match?