Ensuring your commenter section reflects your site’s editorial point-of-view is critical to maintaining a safe, vibrant and growing community. It also allows you to rest easy that the content in your commenting section is safe for your advertisers. Currently, when it comes to controlling commenters on your site you have two options, roll the dice and hope for the best or manage each new comment one by one. Either way is not ideal.

We are excited to introduce a powerful new function to our existing Pre-moderation feature. This enhancement to our Pre-moderation feature puts you in control of new commenters without the associated risk of zero moderation or the time drain of moderating all comments. Instead, it sets up a kind of parking lot for new commenters, while allowing known commenters to post without delay. New commenters are held for your evaluation in a pending queue for a predetermined timeframe that you control. The feature sets all new commenters to pending, preventing new commenters from making posts that could damage your site’s reputation with your community members and advertisers. The enhancement prevents new commenter comments from appearing publicly until they have been explicitly approved by a moderator. You can apply pre-moderation to new commenters only, specifying the number of days they remain in pending status until you feel they are safe to join your community.

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With this added flexibility, you are no longer required to take an all or nothing approach. You can loosen the reins on new commenters once you deem them to be trustworthy community members.

In the moderation panel, moderators will now see comments from new commenters in the pending queue.


Once a moderator feels as though they no longer need to pre-moderate every comment from a new community member, they can explicitly exclude a user from the pre-moderation filter.

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As one of the many benefits to our Pro and Business publishers, we are excited to offer this new feature exclusively to you. If you are a Basic or Plus customer and want to take advantage of our enhanced pre-moderation feature and of a host of other benefits, click here to learn more about our Pro and Business solutions to help you better manage your community and advertising revenue.

As always, our goal is to make moderation as easy as possible for all Disqus publishers. If you have any thoughts on this or any other moderation feature, tell us what you think in the comments below!