At Disqus, we love the Internet. And we love that we help publishers of all sizes create places to share content with their readers and build lasting communities. We feel that building a great platform for publishers and commenters depends on hearing directly from communities about what's working and what's sucking. Earlier this week, we sat down with the staff and community at Spoiler TV for an AMA (ask me anything) interview to figure out how we can improve Disqus.

After reading through more than 300 comments and answering over 60 questions, we were really encouraged by the feedback we received.

Here are a few highlights from the AMA:

A lot commenters liked the idea of adding a way for people to hide spoilers in their discussions:


While the site admins were looking to do some moderation on-the-go:


One commenter had some great advice about how to work with mods to combat trolling:


Another great suggestion was for Disqus to create a Mute/Block feature:

If you'd like to read the rest of the AMA including our responses, you can find it here:
Spoiler TV AMA with Disqus.

Stay tuned for an upcoming AMA with the Android Police community later this month. If you run a site with Disqus and are interested in hosting an AMA with us, let us know in the comments below.