Have you seen Avengers: Infinity War yet? If not, please stop reading and don’t come back until you do. Because spoilers, duh.

One of the year’s most anticipated blockbuster movies is shattering box office records faster than we can say “Nidavellir..?” Avengers: Infinity War is not only the must-see movie in theaters right now, it has given commenters on Disqus plenty to talk about these last few week (119,293 comments have been posted relating to the movie).

We wanted to see what commenters across the Disqus network had to say about the movie. In this post, we curated some of our favorite comments that made us laugh, cry, and wonder.

We begin our journey through the universe somewhere in the middle of Knowhere. One of the signatures of Marvel movies over the past decade has been their penchant for well-executed comedy. Infinity War continued to set the bar high.

Besides good laughs, the movie also left us with many questions.

Commenter Duvall left me feeling devastated after posting this on The Avocado.

For nearly three hours, we held steadfast in our seats despite the cries of our pleading bladders and was graciously rewarded with many satisfying moments that deserve a second viewing.

As reviews started pouring in after the film’s release, we got a first look at what people thought about the movie. Suffice to say, the movie lived up to all the hype.

How will Earth’s mightiest heroes and Kevin Bacon defeat the mighty Thanos? Lacking anything short of a Time Stone, that answer will remain elusive for at least a year before the sequel debuts. For now, let us know what you thought of Avengers: Infinity War and your predictions for the next movie in the discussion below. Thanks for reading (and commenting).