"I can see why a site like Re/Code might drop comments. You can't just add comments and expect a community to emerge.

And if one doesn't have the resources to cultivate a good commenting community, what usually emerges is a mosh pit of trolls (and people foolish enough to engage them). The equivalent of graffiti all over your site (not the good kind of graffiti).

I agree that if they don't have the will and the resources to tend to comments, they're better off without them. On the other hand, I often feel it would be worth the investment for sites like that to build a positive commenting environment."


Good comment from Kirsten Lambertsen in wake of Re/Code's decision to remove commenting. 

A more accurate formula based on vibrant communities I've seen would look something like:

Active moderators + Community Guidelines + Author participation + Comments ≈ Community

Lesson learned: building communities is hard but as Kirsten said, the investment can pay off.

Do you have a formula that has worked in your community?