Over the past month we’ve been talking to publishers of all sizes about our plans for 2017. During this process we’ve picked up some great feedback that we look forward to incorporating in future releases. In the meantime, we want to clarify our intent to keep Disqus free to use and address some frequent questions about advertising.

Is Disqus still free to use?

Yes! Disqus’ fully featured Audience Development Platform is free to use. Publishers can still install Disqus on their sites anytime, for free.

Is the free version of Disqus supported by advertising?

Disqus is an ad-supported business. Larger, commercial, sites that elect to use the free version of Disqus will be supported by configurable advertising and have the option to earn revenue through the Reveal program.

What about smaller, non-commercial sites?

For small, non-commercial sites, advertising will be optional. These sites will be able to use Disqus’ ads-optional subscription, free of charge.

Who qualifies as a small / non-commercial site?

Publishers will be able to self-identify. For personal blogs, educational sites,  non-profits, and small sites that do not run other advertising, Disqus advertising will be optional. Currently, over 95% of sites on our network fall into this category.

We look forward to sharing more about new versions of Disqus, upcoming features, and our plans to help publishers grow soon.