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Our Plans for 2017

Posted by Daniel Ha on January 04, 2017

Going into 2017, more than ever, we see publishers investing in tools to build their own, site-specific, communities and engage with their audiences. Some of the examples that we see from top publishers are premium or paid content, subscriptions, newsletters, and site-specific account systems. The unifying theme across all of these tactics is a desire to have more control over audiences and more powerful means of engaging and retaining readers. Our goal is for Disqus to amplify these tools and tactics to help publishers who use them be more successful. To do this we will release new, subscription-based versions of Disqus later this year that will give publishers more control over their audiences and more customization options.  

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Discovery in DISQUS

Posted by Daniel Ha on June 07, 2012

When we first started talking about the soon-to-be-launched Disqus 2012, we highlighted discovery as one of the driving themes behind the new platform:

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The Numbers of Disqus

Posted by Daniel Ha on May 04, 2011

This post is about the latest going-ons with Disqus. A lot has been happening over here, and they all can be somewhat represented with numbers. So, this post is also about the numbers of Disqus.

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