Today we have some big news to share: Disqus is now part of Zeta Global, a marketing technology company that helps leading brands acquire, retain and grow customer relationships.

Don’t worry, we still are and will remain the same Disqus that you know and use. The strong relationships we have with publishers, readers, and commenters are a huge part of what makes Disqus great and how we work. Here’s some more insight into what this means and what comes next. We wanted to provide an open forum for folks to ask questions and share their thoughts with our team.

Still the same Disqus at the core

So you’re probably wondering what this means and how it impacts Disqus and the service we provide to publishers and users. The short answer is that not much is changing. Our team, our product offerings, terms, pricing, and vision to help publishers succeed remain the same.

Disqus is not changing, but it’s no secret that the digital publishing landscape is. Today's publishers are too often not in control of their own destinies. Platforms, whose intentions don’t always align with publishers’, are exerting more control over how readers find and engage with content. In turn, developing strong relationships with readers is harder than ever. Our vision is to put the power to create, retain, and grow these relationships back into the hands of the people doing the work.

Joining Zeta helps us fulfill this vision faster

With just a small team, we support millions of websites and hundreds of millions of users. In fact, Disqus has one of the largest user-to-employee ratios in the world. While we’ve always been proud of our ability to punch above our weight class, we intend on growing Disqus in order to truly fulfill our vision.

Our goals are ambitious. From leveraging machine learning to significantly reduce the burden of human moderation to delivering tools that help publishers be more autonomous from 3rd parties by owning the relationships with their readers, we’re excited for the road ahead. Partnering with Zeta, a leader in artificial intelligence and personalization, helps us achieve these goals and provide more value for publishers, faster.

What comes next? What should you expect from Disqus in 2018?

Disqus is now a business unit as part of Zeta. Through the end of the year, into 2018, and beyond we intend to expand the Disqus platform for publishers. Our primary focus areas remain making moderation easier and more scalable through technology and expanding on the audience development tools that we offer for publishers.

A few weeks ago we outlined our vision and roadmap. If you’re a publisher, we encourage you to read through the plans and share your feedback. We’re eager to hear your thoughts.

Thank you for being our partners

Whether you’re a publisher, commenter, or reader, thank you for being part of Disqus. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and working with all of you. Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts, questions, or ideas for the future of Disqus. We read every comment.