We have a new update allowing our business publishers to customize their fonts on Disqus! Today, Disqus utilizes a default Serif or Sans Serif font that we have chosen for all publishers.

So, what’s changing? Now, instead of Disqus selecting the font, publishers will be able to specify which font they’d like to use with the new font dropdown.👇

font options


This “font family” dropdown lets you browse and choose which font may best fit your site. Simply head over to your Settings > General > Typeface to access this setting in our admin. We are launching with a select set of fonts that will allow our publishers and their communities express themselves.

If you don’t see a font option that works for your site, don’t worry. We have the ability to add other custom fonts upon request. For more information regarding custom fonts or requesting additional fonts, please click here.

We’re initially releasing this update for Business publishers only, but if you love this new capability, let us know in the comments below as we consider making this a Pro feature in 2021!