If I were to ask 10 people on the street what they think about comments online when it comes to politics, I’d likely hear that political opinions online are often loud, colorful, and most-often uncivil.

Name calling, finger pointing, and relentless ridicule are often what people expect.

But that isn’t always the case.

Starting today, and throughout this election season, we’re going to give supporters of the presumptive Presidential nominees Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, and those from all parts of the political spectrum, a place to engage in a meaningful and serious debate about the issues facing our country.

Up First - Jobs and Economy

With that in mind, we’re opening up today’s debate on the issue of jobs and the economy, as many polls and surveys list it, one of the most important issues to the American people.

For reference: 

Hillary Clinton’s economic plan

Donald Trump’s videos on jobs and the economy and his speech on the economy

If anyone has a link to a comprehensive overview of Mr. Trump’s economic plan, please let us know and we’ll add it here.

The Rules

We want people from all sides of the spectrum to participate, ask questions of each other, provide points, counterpoints, facts and evidence to support their views.

Please note: This thread is for serious replies only. All comments will be reviewed by our moderator team. Any snark, name calling, or uncivil discussion will not be tolerated. See our community guidelines for more information.

The question up for today’s debate:

Who do you think has the best approach to improving the economy and what supporting evidence leads you to that conclusion?

Example Answer:

I support [candidate’s] plan to grow jobs by investing in small businesses. From research I’ve done, small businesses also help lead the way with innovation and are better reflective of the diversity of our country. For those that support [my candidate’s] opponent, why do you feel their approach to small businesses would be better?