You’re reading through your favorite site in the morning before starting your day. It's a normal part of your routine. You recognize the topics, content, articles and even the authors. But this time you see something new: a subscription prompt. It could be as simple as a kind request for you to support the site, maybe it's entirely optional, maybe it’s not. Or perhaps you’ve now been given 10 more articles to read free of charge, until being forced to pay or find a source of content.

Sound familiar?

More than ever publishers are looking to diversify their revenue streams and grow their subscription revenue. You might initially be puzzled by the notion of needing to cough up some of your hard earned money to keep getting your favorite content. The publisher who decided to enforce this rule was probably puzzled too when they were analyzing the potential impacts on their readership, their revenue, their community, and more. The truth is, for many publishers monetizing through advertising alone is becoming an increasing challenge. With ad-block adoption rates continuing to grow, CPM rates fluctuating regularly, and impressions on third party platforms becoming harder for publisher to monetize effectively, publishers are looking for a more direct, more predictable way of monetizing their hard work and quality content.

As a partner to many of the web’s diverse publications and a platform for millions of commenters and readers, we want to hear your opinion. What do you think about the current state of affairs? Would you prefer to pay directly for all of your content and never see ads again? Or maybe you’re completely fine with view ads.

Answer a quick question below and help shape the future of the internet.

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