Recently, we published a series to increasing reader engagement for publishers. Over the course of six chapters, we walked you step-by-step through proven tactics for sparking reader engagement. This journey started with listening to your readers as the foundation for building a strong relationship with your audience. We learned strategies for leveraging comments to craft more engaging content, developed ideas for hosting events to foster a sense of community, and identified common barriers to increased engagement and how to overcome them.

Today, we’re releasing the entire guide in a re-mastered and freshly polished PDF that combines all six chapters in a single place. Featuring over a dozen examples from the web's top publishers including The Atlantic, Lifehacker, and Wirecutter, this guide is packed with actionable strategies and insights to help you grow your audience engagement. If you've struggled to engage your readers or you're looking to learn new strategies and best practices to strengthen your relationship with readers, this guide is for you. You can download it now using the link below:

Download the Guide (PDF)