Disqus commenters have a lot to say about, well, just about anything really. Discussions on topics ranging from Avengers: Infinity War to Pokémon Go are happening every day across the Disqus network. While recaps of popular discussions are fun to revisit, those discussions have come and gone. What about the discussions that are happening right now or in the near future?

Starting today, we’re introducing a new series on the Disqus Blog that will highlight upcoming topics and events where we expect interesting discussions to happen. From major blockbuster movies, popular sporting events, to new tech gadget announcements, we’ve got you covered. At the end, let us know what interesting things on the horizon that looking forward to discussing.

Mission: Impossible Fallout 💥

We begin our journey at the local box office where the summer blockbuster movie season is in full swing. This weekend, moviegoers can watch the sixth installment in the Mission: Impossible franchise. Early reviews suggest the movie is definitely not one you'll want to miss; it currently sits at a near perfect 98% Rotten Tomatoes score! Speaking of Rotten Tomatoes, their editorial team did the math to determine the correlation between the distance Tom Cruise runs in a movie to how good the movie is. Not every superhero wears a cape.

If you’ve watched the film (or don’t care about spoilers), check out the first reviews of the movie from Birth.Movies.Death. and Roger Ebert.

Tour de France 🚴

The 105th Tour de France concludes this weekend with the 21st and final stage. Cycling fans have been actively debating the outcomes of every stage’s grueling grind through the Alps. Follow the latest action on Fansided including this recent story addressing the shroud of doping usage in the sport.

Madden 2019 🏈, Pokémon Go 🌳, and 2018 PUBG

The newest Madden NFL game launches on August 10th. Gamers can look forward to the first edition to be released on PC in over a decade. Commenters at Niche Gamer weighed in on some early footage of the game.

Since the start of this year, Pokémon Go trainers from around the globe have assembled together for a monthly Community Day event. The next event takes places on August 11-12th when participants will have the chance to capture special edition Pokémon in their local community. According to Bleeding Cool, last month’s gathering featured a Squirtle up for grabs. No word yet on next month’s featured Pokémon but one can assume that it will certainly be a catch.

Finally, the biggest PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds tournament of the year kicked off this week with elite teams from across the world including Europe, Korea, and North America competing in Berlin for a $2 million prize pool. Gaming site VG 24/7 explores the the tournament’s aspirations to become a mainstream esports event in a growing field of popular games including Fortnite, League of Legends, and more. Join the discussion if you’d like to share your thoughts on where things are headed.

Primaries and Ohio special election 🗳

Things are beginning to pick up ahead of November’s midterm election in the United States. Four states will be holding primaries next month including Kansas and Michigan on August 7th, followed by Minnesota and Wisconsin on August 14th. Follow along at The Hill and Pioneer Press for discussions about the possible implications around the results of the elections.

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