For most websites, ads are an irritating yet necessary evil. At the end of the day, they do provide publishers with a way to monetize their websites and financially support the time and hard work put into them. On the other hand, some publishers would rather keep their sites ads-free. Whichever publisher category you fall into, Disqus has got you covered.

We give publishers the option to choose between both ads-free and ads-supported packages, all of which are completely customizable to suit the individual needs and preferences of each publisher. Our free-to-use Basic plan is ads-supported and comes with all of the core Disqus features. For all ads-supported publishers, we offer a revenue-sharing program that lets you earn a significant share of your ad revenue generated via Disqus ads.

We also offer ads-free packages (Disqus Plus, Disqus Pro, and Disqus for Business) that come with advanced features and tools and allow publishers to disable Disqus advertising.

Finally, we have boutique ad programs that let our publishers have it all – the most advanced features Disqus offers and a meaningful share of ad revenue... all for free! We'll explain more below.

Disqus ad settings — optimizable and user-friendly

Disqus advertising setups are not one-size-fits-all. We offer a variety of different ad types and positions designed to fit seamlessly within your comment section to ensure a hassle-free user experience for your community. Available ad types include display, video, and links, and are designed to attract targeted, high-quality advertisers. 

Disqus also offers a selection of configurable ad positions, and we work with our publishers to determine a precise combination of placements that will work best within the confines of your comment section. Here are some of the ad positions publishers can choose from:

  • Above comments (required): Ads displayed above the comment section 
  • In-thread: Ads appearing within the comments on each discussion thread that has more than 4 parent-level comments
  • Below comments: Ads displayed beneath the comment section
  • Recommendations: Ad units attached to the Recommendations module

The bottom line: we put thought into the ad setups we offer our publishers, with an eye towards optimization that maximizes yield for our publishers without getting in the way of user engagement.

Boutique ads programs — earn your share and enjoy advanced tools (for free)

We recognize that some publishers want to retain their access to the advanced features that are available via our paid, ads-free plans, but also want to continue earning their share of Disqus ad revenue. We offer boutique ad programs that offer just that, and the best part? It's all FREE. Yep – eligible publishers can take advantage of the most powerful tools Disqus offers while opening up a meaningful new stream of revenue... without opening their wallets.

To see if you qualify, you may contact us here and we'll conduct a review process to determine eligibility.

Disqus ads - more than just a necessary evil

At Disqus, we understand that every publisher’s needs are unique, so we offer a comprehensive range of options to choose from when it comes to managing their ad setups – while also offering you ads-free packages that come with bigger and better tools. Whether you want to take advantage of our flexible ad setups and generous revenue-sharing programs or want to go ads-free, we cater to your needs with a user-friendly and customizable approach.