Nearly ⅓ of the American population listens to podcasts at least once a month. But one key feature has been missing from podcasts - an interactive community. Pre-recorded podcasts miss the opportunity to engage with an audience in real-time.  

Clubhouse addresses this issue since listeners can interact with hosts and talk with them directly. Think of it as an interactive audio-only live stream. With the recent release of the Android version, it could only gain more users and potential for content creators and publishers. 

Is Clubhouse here to stay?

Users loved Clubhouse initially, and it saw 9.6 million downloads in February 2021. However, new downloads drastically dropped to only 900,000 in April 2021. While growth has slowed, data suggests that user retention is strong. 


How to use Clubhouse for Publishers 

Clubhouse could be a great app for publishers that already like to engage with their community on a more personal level. You can easily add Clubhouse rooms to your rotation of Instagram Lives or Ask Me Anything events.  

Some other ideas include: 

  • Engage with other influencers: You can follow other people or brands on Clubhouse and participate in their public rooms. This is a great networking opportunity with people in the same industry as you. 
  • Create live events with guests: Host a panel discussion on related topics to your industry. People love educational content, and nearly 3 out of 4 podcast listeners say they tune in to learn new things. 
  • Use it as a tool for social listening: Take social listening a step further and actually hear people describe their desires, pain points, and feedback on your brand. 
  • Encourage people to interact with your brand: Host events that are specifically meant for your audience to participate in. Some examples include live Q&As or informal discussions on a specific topic. 

For example, Social Media Examiner has a club on Clubhouse dedicated to discussing social media trends. This allows the publisher to build a dedicated community on Clubhouse. 

social media examiner

Depending on your content calendar, you may want to only host rooms when it's convenient for your schedule. Your audience may prefer to engage with you frequently though, and you should consider creating a club to keep your audience notified about your Clubhouse events. 

As of April, users can now send money to creators on Clubhouse, which opens another monetization opportunity for publishers using the app! 

Like any other app, you'll want to use keywords and tags to show up in a user's hallway and pique their interest in participating. 

Clubhouse can help you create a community. Publishers could potentially benefit from being an early adopter of Clubhouse by growing an audience and establishing a presence there.

If you already have a community that you engage with on a one-to-one basis frequently, ask them if they want to see you on Clubhouse. Your audience may love the engaging podcast-style of Clubhouse and will engage with you more frequently there. 

In the meantime, are you planning on using Clubhouse as part of your content plan? Let us know in the comments below!