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You’ll Never Believe What Disqus’ Support Team Is Doing

Posted by Danny Matteson on August 24, 2018 • ... comments

If you’ve ever needed help building your audience or increasing engagement with Disqus, we have some support announcements below that may interest you. We’ve been hard at work improving our tools for both paid and free customers but our goal remains the same: to help you succeed in a volatile and uncertain publishing landscape.

Community Spotlight: Discuss Disqus

Posted by Danny Matteson on February 01, 2018 • ... comments

Disqus is designed to help publishers build on-site engagement and retain loyal audiences. We know firsthand from our conversations with you that a lot of hard work goes into this process. That’s why our Publisher Success team is constantly thinking about how we can make your life easier as a publisher. A big part of our strategy is to arm you with information about our product the moment you need it most.

New instructions for 10 popular platforms that run Disqus

Posted by Danny Matteson on November 02, 2016 • ... comments

If you publish content on the web, your goals are simple: reach an audience and earn money. However, there’s an endless number of paths you can take to reach those goals.

Tackling Spam in the Comments

Posted by Danny Matteson on August 17, 2016 • ... comments

An inside look at how we deal with the Internet's biggest frustration

Spam is as pervasive as it is annoying. Since the advent of email and user-generated content, forums, and chat rooms, the problem of spam has plagued the Internet everywhere. Even during the infancy of electronic communication, scheming dentists would spam their services to unsuspecting telegram recipients (c. 1864). Seriously, I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried:

3 small but powerful moderation updates you should know about

Posted by Danny Matteson on June 30, 2016 • ... comments

In the past few weeks, you may have noticed some minor changes to the moderation panel. We’ve made several updates that speed up moderation. The moderation panel is one of the most heavily used pages and it plays an important role in the Disqus ecosystem –– when moderators can work quickly and effectively, they can build awesome communities.

When does moderation become censorship?

Posted by Danny Matteson on May 13, 2016 • ... comments

If you’re a community leader on the Internet, chances are you've been accused of censoring those whose comments you've deleted. Of course, you probably don't want to come across to your site visitors as an authoritarian dictator-type, and you probably don't refer to yourself as "Big Brother" in your About Me page. But after enough accusations, you might start to wonder… “have I gone too far as a community moderator?”

Listening to great communities: 4 big questions from our Android Police AMA

Posted by Danny Matteson on May 05, 2016 • ... comments

We love talking with communities. It’s even better when we get to use our own product to talk to customers in real-time. That’s why, we’ve recently been jumping around to our favorite communities to host AMAs (ask me anything) where we answer all of the burning questions people have about our product.

Integration Spotlight: A fresh update for Disqus WordPress Plugin

Posted by Danny Matteson on April 14, 2016 • ... comments

WordPress is huge. Not like Death Star huge.... Starkiller Base huge. Don’t worry though, WordPress isn’t evil and it doesn’t support destroying entire star systems. It’s a powerful publishing platform that accounts for a massive portion of the diverse web we love. We’re pretty big fans of it here at Disqus, and we have a plugin update to share with you.

What if Microsoft’s Tay bot was unleashed in your community?

Posted by Danny Matteson on April 07, 2016 • ... comments

Great communities don’t happen by accident. Explore how you can create a community where people (and robots) can learn to enjoy their passions on the open web.

Stay in the Know with Disqus Status Updates

Posted by Danny Matteson on January 28, 2016 • ... comments

Here at Disqus, we do our best to ensure that all the Disqus services you love are fully operational at all hours of the day. As a Publisher, we know you rely on Disqus to do your job, whether that’s growing your audience, engaging with your community, or monetizing your site below-the-fold, you likely want to know if we experience any network-wide service issues.

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