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Introducing Reactions Analytics!

Posted by Michael Gately on July 14, 2022 • ... comments

Let's face it—as extraordinarily busy people, we don't always have enough time to respond to everything we see on the internet. Sometimes we only have enough time to react.

3 Tips for Publishers Looking to Engage Gen Z

Posted by Michael Gately on June 08, 2022 • ... comments


Gen Z, born roughly between 1997 and 2012, possesses an estimated $150 billion in collective buying power. They have now surpassed millennials as the largest generation, and there are many characteristics that make them unique.

As Elon Musk era kicks off, the time is now for publishers to take back control

Posted by Michael Gately on May 05, 2022 • ... comments


Last week we published a post on Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter for $44 billion. The deal has opened up wide-ranging conversations about where Twitter’s strategy on moderation and free speech might be headed once Musk is officially at the helm of the social media platform. Let’s explore the possible directions in which the Elon Musk Twitter era might take us, and how publishers can plan to navigate them and come out ahead. 

How should publishers react to Elon Musk clinching deal for Twitter?

Posted by Michael Gately on April 25, 2022 • ... comments


It's official.

Ukraine conflict highlights publishing industry's delicate balancing act

Posted by Michael Gately on April 07, 2022 • ... comments

Much like we saw at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many brands are currently demonstrating a natural reflex to avoid any and all content related to the war in Ukraine. 

Disqus Spotlight: Meet Chris Tang, Frontend Engineer

Posted by Michael Gately on March 11, 2022 • ... comments


Meet Chris Tang, Frontend Engineer and the very latest addition to the talented Disqus team. Chris joined last month to shore up our Engineering department and quickly demonstrated a knack for making a huge impact right out of the gates. Let's take a look at Chris' career journey so far and what he likes most about being a part of the Disqus team.

Automated moderation rules enable you to proactively establish your community policies

Posted by Michael Gately on February 25, 2022 • ... comments

One of the key attributes of any successful moderation system is its scalability. For communities with high levels of user engagement, this is especially true—higher engagement translates into more comments and users to have to potentially monitor. Any suite of features that effectively does that work for you is absolutely essential to your team's moderation efforts, because let's face it—nobody has the time or inclination to sit there and moderate each and every comment individually.

The Long Goodbye to Third-Party Cookies and What it Means for Publishers

Posted by Michael Gately on February 04, 2022 • ... comments

Google’s plans for third-party cookie deprecation have become an evolving saga that continues to keep both advertisers and publishers on their digital toes. The phaseout of the legacy technology – at the behest, according to Google, of consumers clamoring for more privacy – has big implications for how advertisers can target and track consumers across channels and devices and how publishers can monetize their audiences. Since Google’s initial announcement, both buy and sell sides have been trialing different solutions that will enable them to continue driving results and revenue in an era without third-party cookies. 

NFTs: digital fad or the next big thing for publishers?

Posted by Michael Gately on January 20, 2022 • ... comments

Each month, it seems, there's a new Next Big Thing that everybody is talking or tweeting about—an idea or concept that seems poised to completely revolutionize the world (or the world of digital media at the very least). It seems like just yesterday that the concept of the metaverse was the talk of the internet, but look out—there's a new kid on the block.

2021 at Disqus

Posted by Michael Gately on December 21, 2021 • ... comments

Well, it's just about time to close the books on 2021 and take stock of what has been another very complicated year. On one hand, we were forced to press on through another challenging 12 months of the COVID-19 pandemic, but on the other hand, there were causes for hope and optimism due to vaccines and the miraculous work of the medical industry.

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