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Chapter 5: Recognize Top Commenters to Retain Them

Posted by Tony Hue on December 04, 2017

Welcome the Chapter 5 of our Ultimate Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement on Disqus! Catch up on the most recent chapter on promoting comments on external channels. Thanks!

A highly engaged audience can be a your most valuable asset. In this chapter, we’ll explore strategies for fostering loyalty from new readers and retaining your most valuable audience members through incentives and recognition.

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Chapter 4: How to Promote Reader Comments Outside Of Your Website

Posted by Tony Hue on November 29, 2017

Welcome the Chapter 4 of our Ultimate Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement on Disqus! Catch up on the most recent chapter on hosting events. Thanks!

Today’s readers engage with your content across several channels. More than ever, readers find, read, and interact with content on social media, email, and in mobile apps. The most successful publishers employ a multi-channel strategy to foster engagement and connect to their audiences. Here are some best practices to increase reader engagement when leveraging channels outside your website:

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Chapter 3: Host Events to Foster a Sense of Community

Posted by Tony Hue on November 27, 2017

Welcome the Chapter 3 of our Ultimate Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement on Disqus! Catch up on Chapter 2 on turning comments into engaging content. 

Events bring people together around a shared experience, creating a powerful sense of community. An event could be anything from a Q&A forum, a live video stream, or simply a place to hang out. As long as it involves a group of people gathered together by a common purpose, you have an event.

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Chapter 2: Turn Comments Into Content

Posted by Tony Hue on November 20, 2017

Welcome the Chapter 2 of our Ultimate Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement on Disqus! Catch up on the latest from Chapter 1 on listening to your community.

In 2015, New York Times Community Editor Bassey Etim was speaking on a panel about community building and moderation when he said: “We have to treat comments as content.”

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Chapter 1: Engagement Starts With Listening to Your Community

Posted by Tony Hue on November 15, 2017

Listening is the essential first step and establishes a framework for building strong relationships with your audience. Reciprocity is critical. A strong community includes both you and your readers. By listening to your audience from day one, you align the goals and expectations of both parties and ensure that you remain an embedded part of your community.

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Introducing: The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement

Posted by Tony Hue on November 15, 2017

Your comments section provides a space for readers to participate in the conversation, learn from different viewpoints, and engage directly with you, the publisher. Whether you’re an aspiring movie critic or a growing local news destination, your publication’s success is driven directly by the relationship you have with your readers.

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10 Little-known Disqus Features You Should Know About

Posted by Tony Hue on September 25, 2017

It doesn’t take long to master the basics of using Disqus including all the best commenting and moderation features and shortcuts. Whether you’re new to Disqus or have been around this corner of the web for a while, it’s easy to learn something new every day.

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7 New Updates to Disqus You Should Know About

Posted by Tony Hue on September 12, 2017

When we release new features like Comment Policy or the new Toxicity Filter, the Disqus Blog is your go-to place to learn about the latest product developments. In reality, we ship updates and deploy new code every day that improves Disqus constantly for both publishers and commenters. Some of the changes we make however are never announced on the blog.

In this post, we want to share 7 small updates to Disqus that you should know about. They include various bug fixes and improvements to popular features. These changes are all made possible thanks to the feedback you’ve shared with us so thank you for your continued support Here now are recent updates we’ve made to make Disqus better for you.

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Bring Disqus Comments to Life on Slack

Posted by Tony Hue on August 22, 2017

It’s no secret that at Disqus we love using Slack for team communication and collaboration. One of the things that Slack does really well is turn links you post into rich and engaging preview content.

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How To Create An Effective Comment Policy That Readers Actually Follow

Posted by Tony Hue on August 15, 2017

The new Comment Policy feature on Disqus lets you highlight the rules of your community. Not every community moderates in the same way. A comment that is allowed in one community may be moderated in another.

Your comment policy is one way to align those expectations with your readers from the very beginning. Furthermore, posting the rules for discussion not only improves the likelihood that a comment falls within a community’s guidelines, it also increases participation overall, according to research by CivilServant. In other words, your comment policy can be a place to leverage community norms for behavior that can save publishers time with moderation.

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