Most Popular Science Website: NASA

Posted by Tony Hue on June 10, 2016

The science community has had a lot to be excited about.

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When does moderation become censorship?

Posted by Danny Matteson on May 13, 2016

If you’re a community leader on the Internet, chances are you've been accused of censoring those whose comments you've deleted. Of course, you probably don't want to come across to your site visitors as an authoritarian dictator-type, and you probably don't refer to yourself as "Big Brother" in your About Me page. But after enough accusations, you might start to wonder… “have I gone too far as a community moderator?”

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Zero to One: How community leaders build the future of your community

Posted by Tony Hue on May 06, 2016

There’s a golden age in every nascent community. A period when social norms are still forming, the membership is small enough where you can still keep track of who’s who, and the interactions still feel very personal.

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Listening to great communities: 4 big questions from our Android Police AMA

Posted by Danny Matteson on May 05, 2016

We love talking with communities. It’s even better when we get to use our own product to talk to customers in real-time. That’s why, we’ve recently been jumping around to our favorite communities to host AMAs (ask me anything) where we answer all of the burning questions people have about our product.

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How To Use Slack To Supercharge Your Disqus Moderation

Posted by Tony Hue on April 27, 2016

At Disqus, we love using Slack for team communication and collaboration. And based on recent conversations and survey results from publishers, a lot of you do as well. In this post, we’ll provide some examples of how you can use Slack to help you better moderate comments on Disqus.

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Commenter Spotlight: Kandric

Posted by Danny Matteson on March 04, 2015

Illustration by Luigi Savino

Getting help from an Internet stranger is a pretty surreal experience. You open a browser tab with beads of sweat trickling down your brow, and find your way to a support forum in hopes that your burning question will be answered by some noble human who has more knowledge than you.

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Moderate Multiple Disqus Communities With This Useful Gmail Filter

Posted by Tony Hue on February 03, 2015

Are you a moderator of multiple Disqus communities? Chances are you’re handling a fairly large volume of new comments on a daily basis. Perhaps you check the Disqus Admin to monitor for recent comments or maybe you prefer email notifications of new comments.

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Conversations Belong with Content

Posted by Jim Hirshfield on January 07, 2015

I’m Jim, I’ve been working with startups since the mid-’90s, most recently helping publishers be more successful with Disqus. I may also be the most active commenter currently employed by Disqus.

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How to Run an AMA with Disqus

Posted by Tony Hue on January 06, 2015


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Hosting an AMA at IGNITION 2014

Posted by Tony Hue on December 15, 2014

Earlier this month, Disqus was in New York for Business Insider's IGNITION conference which brings together folks in media and technology to explore the future of digital. As one of the sponsors, we built a discussion channel for attendees to encourage people to start and join discussions about topics covered in panels and interviews.

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