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Talking with Teens: A Disqus Field Trip

Posted by Kim Rohrer on February 11, 2016

As the web’s community of communities, we pride ourselves on values that allow us to shift perspectives and share in diverse discussions. These values are an integral part of how we operate internally, and are key to the way we make decisions about our products, our business, and our company. One of our core values is making an impact: we make an impact at work, online, and IRL as well.

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Organizations Update: How to Name Your Organization

Posted by Rachel Cook on January 29, 2016

You might remember a few months ago we rolled out the ‘Organizations’ view—a new feature for multi-site owners to get a single, comprehensive view of all their account data across multiple sites.

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Stay in the Know with Disqus Status Updates

Posted by Danny Matteson on January 28, 2016

Here at Disqus, we do our best to ensure that all the Disqus services you love are fully operational at all hours of the day. As a Publisher, we know you rely on Disqus to do your job, whether that’s growing your audience, engaging with your community, or monetizing your site below-the-fold, you likely want to know if we experience any network-wide service issues.

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5 Updates That Will Step Up Your Moderation Game

Posted by Danny Matteson on January 13, 2016

Late last year, we released several major updates to the tools publishers use each and every day: A brand new interface for mobile as well as desktop, reporting that shows performance across multiple sites within an organization, and even an at-a-glance metrics email. If you haven’t experienced these updates for yourself yet, check them out at https://disqus.com/admin.

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Disqus GLIDEs into Community Service

Posted by James Mayagoitia on December 23, 2015

2015, where did you go? Is it me, or does each year seem to go by faster and faster? It certainly went by in the blink of an eye for me. One interesting thing to note, is that Disqus’s Community Service Program has been going strong for 1 year! Go Disqus!

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Organizations: Better Combined Reporting For The Forums You Own

Posted by Danny Matteson on November 23, 2015

Attention multi-site owners: Have you ever wished you could get a snapshot of engagement and earnings across all of your sites in one simple, easy-to-read view? Now you can. Today and throughout the rest of the year we’re rolling out ‘Organizations’: a way for you to use Disqus’ powerful Engage and Reveal reporting tools for all of your forums at once. That means you can track engagement metrics like votes and comments or dive into your revenue analytics for multiple forums in a single view. See how your pageviews, RPMv, and comments change over time to get a holistic picture of performance across your various sites.

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Game Night V: The Fall Classic

Posted by Tony Hue on November 05, 2015

Last night at Disqus HQ, we hosted our fifth Game Night event. For those unfamiliar, Game Night is our quarterly board game event where we welcome folks for a night of board games, food, and drink. While we host an internal event for Disqussers every month, it’s the public events with the local community that I look forward to the most.

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New mobile improvements to the Disqus publisher interface

Posted by Danny Matteson on November 02, 2015

Two weeks ago we made some major improvements to the Disqus admin navigation. It’s cleaner, more consistent across different pages and user roles, and has a more intuitive organization of pages, tools, and settings. You’ll find more about this update here. This first wave of changes wasn’t necessarily focused on mobile, but it’s important to us that the Disqus admin works great on phones and tablets. We know there’s a lot of you out there who love to get things done on your mobile devices. That’s why we’re excited to tell you about a few more updates we’ve released over the past few weeks that aim to improve the Disqus admin experience on mobile.

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Improve your Disqus integration with our updated embed code

Posted by Danny Matteson on October 20, 2015

Hello site founders, admins, and moderators!

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Meet the new Disqus publisher interface, now with improved multi-site navigation

Posted by Brian Falldin on October 01, 2015

Starting today, all Disqus customers will see an updated navigation in our publisher admin that better organizes commonly used features to better support the modern digital publisher.

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