You’ll Never Believe What Disqus’ Support Team Is Doing

Posted by Danny Matteson on August 24, 2018 • ... comments

If you’ve ever needed help building your audience or increasing engagement with Disqus, we have some support announcements below that may interest you. We’ve been hard at work improving our tools for both paid and free customers but our goal remains the same: to help you succeed in a volatile and uncertain publishing landscape.

Why Readers Pay For News (And Why They Don't)

Posted by Tony Hue on August 14, 2018 • ... comments

We recently polled readers and commenters about whether or not they pay for online news and why. By examining the current sentiment around paying for news, we hope to provide publishers with insights that will help them build successful businesses supported by loyal, engaged readers. Today, we’re sharing the results of our research and summarizing the feedback readers provided.

What We're Reading: Volume 3

Posted by Kathryn LaBarbera on August 02, 2018 • ... comments

Volume 3 of our What We’re Reading blog series coming at you hot🔥 To refresh your memory, this series highlights our favorite news, posts, and reports relevant to digital publishing to help our publishers, readers, and blog subscribers stay up to date with the latest info. If you haven’t already, be sure to check out Volume 1 and Volume 2 for additional reads. And, as always, we love hearing your thoughts, so don’t hesitate to share your opinions about these articles and any others you’ve found of value. Now... let’s dive in!

What Are Disqus Commenters Talking About Next?

Posted by Tony Hue on July 27, 2018 • ... comments

Disqus commenters have a lot to say about, well, just about anything really. Discussions on topics ranging from Avengers: Infinity War to Pokémon Go are happening every day across the Disqus network. While recaps of popular discussions are fun to revisit, those discussions have come and gone. What about the discussions that are happening right now or in the near future?

Starting today, we’re introducing a new series on the Disqus Blog that will highlight upcoming topics and events where we expect interesting discussions to happen. From major blockbuster movies, popular sporting events, to new tech gadget announcements, we’ve got you covered. At the end, let us know what interesting things on the horizon that looking forward to discussing.

New Opportunities for Audience Growth

Posted by Kathryn LaBarbera on July 18, 2018 • ... comments

In an ever-changing digital environment, publishers regularly face variability and uncertainty when it comes to distributing content, driving traffic, and building audiences. Avenues that were once successful are no longer producing the same results. Particularly challenging for many publishers this year has been the loss of traffic associated with Facebook’s News Feed changes. Prior to the changes, Facebook was responsible for over 40% of all external referral traffic, and many publishers relied on them to stay afloat. Now, however, across the board there's around ½ as much referral traffic coming from Facebook. Some publishers are experiencing even greater cuts; LittleThings, for example, lost 75% of influencer and organic traffic after the algorithm changes, causing the site to shut down😨.

Poll: Why Do You Pay for News Online?

Posted by Tony Hue on July 12, 2018 • ... comments

Back in November, we asked readers if they would rather pay for content and never see ads or have all content be free and ad-supported. The poll generated 4,719 votes, with the majority of respondents (80.4%) saying they prefer that all content be free and ad-supported. While it was not surprising to see that most readers preferred that all content be free, nearly 1 in 5 respondents indicated they wouldn't mind paying for content if it meant that they never had to see ads.

5 Simple Ways to Interact With Readers in the Comments

Posted by Tony Hue on July 02, 2018 • ... comments

It’s not enough to simply add comments to your site and expect a community to emerge. If you want great discussions to happen on your site, you need to participate in the conversation. But how?

Disqus Commenters Predict the Next World Cup Winner

Posted by Kathryn LaBarbera on June 29, 2018 • ... comments

At the beginning of the week, we asked readers to share their predictions for the 2018 World Cup. Since then, 16 teams have been knocked out, and 16 are moving onto the next round. If you thought the group phase was intense (and shocking… cough cough, Germany), prepare yourself for the next set of games; with the sudden death stage of the tournament upon us, competition will certainly be heating up🔥. 

Poll: Who will win the World Cup?

Posted by Kathryn LaBarbera on June 26, 2018 • ... comments

Every four years, the FIFA World Cup captivates the globe (in 2014, there were 3.2 billion viewers😱) in a tournament so exciting and spirited that people can’t help but drop what they’re doing to watch. This year’s World Cup is no exception, as football enthusiasts everywhere are pulling out all the stops to watch their favorite teams battle through the opening group phase. Loyal fans are getting up early, staying awake late, live-streaming games to their phones (which may not seem like dedication, until you think about the ensuing data bill), and even playing hooky from work. With only ten matches left in this round, the next three days are guaranteed to be action-packed as each team fights to be one of the sixteen moving forward.

Meet the Disqus Interns

Posted by Kathryn LaBarbera on June 21, 2018 • ... comments

It’s summer and you know what that means: evening barbecues, weekends at the beach, and most importantly, summer interns! This summer, Disqus welcomes four awesome interns (myself being one of them) for a ten week program full of learning, innovation, hard work, and fun.

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