The Ultimate Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement (Free Ebook)

Posted by Tony Hue on December 21, 2017

Recently, we published a series to increasing reader engagement for publishers. Over the course of six chapters, we walked you step-by-step through proven tactics for sparking reader engagement. This journey started with listening to your readers as the foundation for building a strong relationship with your audience. We learned strategies for leveraging comments to craft more engaging content, developed ideas for hosting events to foster a sense of community, and identified common barriers to increased engagement and how to overcome them.

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12 New Updates That Make Disqus Better For You

Posted by Tony Hue on December 18, 2017

A few months ago, we highlighted 7 small updates to Disqus that you should know about. We’re working to improve Disqus every day through the release of new products like Email Subscriptions. Under the hood, smaller changes are released regularly to improve the experience for both publishers and commenters. Here’s a summary of notable changes we’ve made recently to make Disqus better for you.

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Our Favorite Publisher Newsletters

Posted by Mario Paganini on December 13, 2017

If you've read some of our recent posts, you've probably heard us talk about the importance of audience relationship building. In a digital publishing landscape where publishers have less control over how readers discover and engage with content due to third party influence, building relationships and establishing direct lines of communication with readers is critical. Recently, we took the first of several planned steps towards helping publishers build relationships with readers at scale with the release of our Email Subscription prompt.

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3 Things Publishers Can Learn From Batman News About Reader Engagement

Posted by Tony Hue on December 11, 2017

Recently, we were thrilled to see long-time Disqus publisher, Batman-News, profiled on The Hollywood Reporter. It features Chris Begley who leads the helm over at Batman News, a fast-growing fan site for all news about Batman.

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Chapter 6: How to Lower the Barrier to Commenting

Posted by Tony Hue on December 07, 2017

Welcome the final chapter of our Ultimate Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement on Disqus! Catch up on Chapter 5 on recognizing top commenters to retain them.

If you want readers to start commenting on your site, it's not enough to just add comments and expect them to figure it out on their own. In this final chapter, we’ll share five solutions to improve your readers’ commenting experience by addressing common barriers to increased engagement. Let’s get started.

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Disqus and Zeta

Posted by Daniel Ha on December 05, 2017

Today we have some big news to share: Disqus is now part of Zeta Global, a marketing technology company that helps leading brands acquire, retain and grow customer relationships.

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Chapter 5: Recognize Top Commenters to Retain Them

Posted by Tony Hue on December 04, 2017

Welcome the Chapter 5 of our Ultimate Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement on Disqus! Catch up on the most recent chapter on promoting comments on external channels. Thanks!

A highly engaged audience can be a your most valuable asset. In this chapter, we’ll explore strategies for fostering loyalty from new readers and retaining your most valuable audience members through incentives and recognition.

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How We're Making Disqus Available in New Languages

Posted by Saeed Oday on November 30, 2017

... and how you can help!

With millions of comments posted on Disqus across 191 countries, it should come as no surprise that not everyone using Disqus speaks the same language.

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Chapter 4: How to Promote Reader Comments Outside Of Your Website

Posted by Tony Hue on November 29, 2017

Welcome the Chapter 4 of our Ultimate Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement on Disqus! Catch up on the most recent chapter on hosting events. Thanks!

Today’s readers engage with your content across several channels. More than ever, readers find, read, and interact with content on social media, email, and in mobile apps. The most successful publishers employ a multi-channel strategy to foster engagement and connect to their audiences. Here are some best practices to increase reader engagement when leveraging channels outside your website:

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Chapter 3: Host Events to Foster a Sense of Community

Posted by Tony Hue on November 27, 2017

Welcome the Chapter 3 of our Ultimate Guide to Increasing Reader Engagement on Disqus! Catch up on Chapter 2 on turning comments into engaging content. 

Events bring people together around a shared experience, creating a powerful sense of community. An event could be anything from a Q&A forum, a live video stream, or simply a place to hang out. As long as it involves a group of people gathered together by a common purpose, you have an event.

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